KC Home Textiles

19785 Main Street
(next to the Buchanan Public Library)
in downtown Buchanan, VA 24066. 

KC Home Textiles is less than a mile north of the current 
KC Collections store
(located at 19064 Main Street,
Buchanan, VA 24066). 
Why did we add a new store for home textiles?
Our customers wanted additional product and we did not have room to expand.  Our "linen room" at KC Collections had been overcrowded for a long time!  The new store (which is pictured below and is NOW OPEN) gives us the needed space to expand every category of home textile items. 
What moved from KC Collections to KC Home Textiles?
We moved our linen room, our braided rugs & accessories aisle, and our bedding aisle to KC Home Textiles and added lots of additional items. 

What are the main categories carried at KC Home Textiles?

KC Home Textiles includes the following five categories:

      • Tabletop;
      • Window Treatments;
      • Bedding;
      • Bath, and
      • Braided Rugs & Accessories.
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