Blackboard-Family Rules

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Blackboard measuring 12-1/2" H x 8-1/2" W with a rustic wood frame. Blackboard reads, 

"Family Rules: 
1. Forgiveness is mandatory 
2. Always tell the truth 
3. Have fun, be kind, no fussing, no whining 
4. Encourage your siblings...share in their joy 
5. Obey your parents 
6. Husband - hug your wife daily & Wife - always be on his side 
7. Use your manners - Yes Please...No, Thank You 
8. Too much TV is bad...too much reading is good 
9. Sing silly, dance crazy, hug often, say "I love you" 
10. Be creative at all times 
11. Keep your promises 
12. Always give to others first 
13. Never leave angry 
14. Share everything, except bad ideas 
15. Use nice words...ignore bad words 
16. Bless your food, be grateful, eat together, clean up after yourself 
17. Say your prayers...Thank God for this family"